Easy Vegetarian Recipes – Fast, Scrumptious & Easy!

Easy vegetarian recipes. Countless vegetarians are wanting to find scrumptious and simple vegetarian recipes. Vegetarians, like other Americans are busy. With work, kids and extracurricular activities, getting sufficient time for you to preparing meals is tough This is exactly why finding easy vegetarian recipes is of vital importance. This short article provides you with a couple of scrumptious options. Note, these recipes think that you consume milk products.

Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Crisps

5 Tortillas

2 Tbsp . butter

Sugar and Cinnamon to taste

2TBS oil

Butter each side of every tortilla. Sprinkle each side from the buttered tortilla with sugar and cinnamon. Meanwhile, heat pan to medium. Fry tortillas for around one minute on every side. Make certain not very overcook. Your tortillas should puff up when they’re prepared to be switched over.

Bean Burritos

Package of tortillas

2 C of cheese

1 Can of rotel

1 Can kidney beans

1 Can navy beans

1 Package of enchilada seasoning

¼ C water

Mix navy and kidney beans, rotel and enchilada seasoning. ½ cup of cheese and water. Provide a simmer. Fill and roll tortillas with mixture. Top with remaining cheese. Cover 350 levels for twenty five minutes or before the cheese melts.