Local Store Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant

Below are some ideas I have tried personally previously to improve my restaurant sales. A number of these ideas also involved my staff in occasions that introduced them together together. I acquired a much better, more loyal staff in addition to growing either the restaurants standing locally or its sales. Try them, measure your results enjoy yourself.

Easter time Egg Search – Restaurant provided prizes and chocolate for any traditional egg search in a local park. A trip and photo op using the Easter time Bunny chose to make this an occasion for that 50 children in promote care. The neighborhood newspaper printed a little story having a photo giving us additional exposure locally.

Holiday Party – The wedding involved the employees of center supplying a little Christmas gift for underprivileged children. Like the “Angel Trees” which are so prevalent today with one exception. We provided a Holiday party for him or her not to mention a trip with Santa to provide the gifts. Employees could serve and communicate with the kids throughout the party. These occasions introduced employees closer together together. Again local news was on hands to supply a human interest story connected using the restaurant.

A Birthday Candle light dinner – The wedding in a junk food restaurant, found employees turning the dining area right into a fine restaurant filled with candle lights, flowers and linens. Instead of getting the guest place orders in the counter employees required orders table side not to mention delivered the meals too. The wedding was spoken about for days both by visitors and staff. Sunday nights typically would be the slowest of nights for a quick food restaurant, not to mention a A Birthday where for whatever reason moms do not want junk food fare. This Moms Day exceed previous Sundays by 18% and also the previous Moms Day by 31%.