Everyone loves entertainment 

Group interactions are easier and more fun, because you have multiple personalities to play off each other. You can find a quiet person open up with the funny person, and it leads to a conversation about an artist that loops someone else.

Everybody would love to be a singer but most of us suck at it because we lack the necessary vocal training or simply have a voice that can make a baby cry. Karaoke makes everyone equal because it is agreed upon that everyone will suck, and nobody makes a fool of themselves because everyone gets a turn to do it. It adds to the fun if everyone feels a little awkward and silly. Especially in a group karaoke, the bad singing is ameliorated by the loud pre-recorded band which helps drown it out, the beer and the knowledge that the next person may be even worse than you. 

You get to be a star for as long as the song is playing and sometimes the attention is a good thing. However, if you are a first-timer or nervous about singing the wrong note in a room full of unknown people, you can easily book a group karaoke at Tokyo Tina and express your vocal range in the comfort of your closed one’s. 

Japanese cuisine never disappoints 

Japanese cuisine is great; it’s tasty yet very healthy and clean on the same time, which is the reason why many Japanese people live a long life. Japanese food isn’t “just another ethnic cuisine.” It has various concepts to it; it is mostly fresh and no one does food presentation like the Japanese.  

In terms of aesthetics and plating, it mirrors the precision and beauty of French haute cuisine. It is usually subtly tasty. It usually is not dairy-based, or heavy in grease. You don’t normally feel like instantly falling asleep on the couch after a Japanese meal, as you do with Italian, American and Mexican dinners. Japanese food is considered simple and focuses on quality ingredients which have a nice contrast of textures and taste. Visually appealing, realistic, seductive, the craftsmanship and detail that goes into Japan’s artificial food is quite something to behold. The Japanese food at Tokyo Tina is an experience in itself. 

Private dining rooms are for big meals, like family gathering or business lunches or dinners. They can also be booked for intimate dinners with your special ones. Nowadays, ordinary people can choose to dine in private dining rooms in case of distractions from other guests.  Tokyo Tina offers a beautiful shindig appropriate for a night out with someone special or a group of loved ones. 

Everyone loves Bingo

Bingo is a social game, it brings the community together and since it’s a fun and easy game to play, there is no skill involved. It’s another form of socializing, especially for people who do not have a close group of friends. The game is very simple to play and the truth is that you don’t have to think too much, however you must concentrate on the numbers and make sure that you don’t miss any on the real money bingo cards you purchased. At the same time bingo is very fun since you have some very high chances of winning. The Saturday Bingo games at Tokyo Tina are a great way to indulge with new people and might help you expand your circle. Visit their website for more information.