What are Some Essential BBQ Accessories?

The barbecue grill is not complete without the proper BBQ accessories. It might seem you have all you need with your barbecue and some tongs, but some accessories can really help you maintain your BBQ, cook tastier food, and help to reduce any clean up required. In this guide, we will talk you through some of the most important BBQ accessories you should consider.

These include a dedicated bbq brush or a basting brush. These items are essential to cooking on the BBQ because they can add flavour and moisture to the food. It is not recommended to use a regular kitchen brush, as it may burn the meat. A dedicated barbecue brush has a soft head and is made to spread sauces and butter evenly over the meat. If you’ve used a standard kitchen brush, it would soak up the sauce and not transfer it to the meat.

A Thermometer

If you want to be a barbecue pro, you should invest in a thermometer that can monitor the temperature of the meat. A good thermometer should have wireless functionality and allow you to use it anywhere. The key to cooking a great meal is maintaining a consistent temperature, so you should buy a dual probe bbq thermometer. There are many different types of bbq grills, but one that’s especially important for your home BBQ is a grill basket. The small holes in the bottom of the basket prevent the food from becoming overcooked or undercooked.

BBQ Mats

A barbecue mat is another excellent accessory that you should consider. They help to keep your grill clean, which means less cleaning up at the end, and you do not have to use unhealthy ingredients such as oil. A BBQ mat does not cost much either, so you’re not sacrificing too much money for the huge benefits that barbecue mats will bring.

An Apron

The apron is an essential accessory for the barbecue professional. It is a protective tool as well as an ornamental piece. An apron is made of sturdy tin cloth and includes five pockets and a neck strap that can be adjusted. A barbecue grill basket is an essential piece for delicate food, and a silicone basting brush is also a good purchase. A thermometer should be accurate and have a large LCD screen.


Using all the above accessories will ensure a less messy cooking experience, properly cooked food, and satisfied guests. Expense is not an issue either as you can use them over and over again. A one-off cost for years of quality barbecues has to be an expense worth considering!