Why Is Buying Meals from Certain Pizza Houses in Montreal Better?

Having a Pizza is a heavenly delight that everybody should be able to enjoy. However, most pizza corners are expensive. Besides, not everyone delivers an authentic taste of spices that foodies will fall in love with. That’s why your choice should be family-run businesses such as Double Pizza in Montreal. These bakers are pizza enthusiasts with legacy recipes passed from generation to generation. Many other reasons why buying from such pizza houses is a delightful experience have been hoarded below.

Dive in for all the answers!

Reputable Pizza Corners Never Compromise With Quality

One of the reasons why very few pizza houses in Montreal deliver the taste that you will not be able to get over with is that everything they serve is fresh. Ranging from kneading the dough fresh to tieing up with local farmers for fresh veggies and cheese, everything about Double Pizza oozes freshness. Once you develop a taste for the food on their menu, there’s hardly any other place you’ll find even close to what they serve.

Reputable Pizza Corners Reward Their Customers

They live by and serve by the very idea of rewarding their loyal customers. For instance, Double Pizza runs a loyalty program for its online customers. Here’s how the merits go: when you place an order online, every 5$ earns you 1 point. And 30 points can be used to buy either any 3 toppings from their menu or a scrumptious large all-dressed pizza.

So, you’re actually earning while eating, and there’s no better way of spreading joy than sending out rewards!

Reputable Pizza Corners Want Everybody to Be Able to Taste Their Meals

For them to spread their wings, it’s important that more and more people can afford their pizzas. Hence, they prepare different combo meals to make their food affordable for everybody. The many deals that have been, still are, the favorites amongst their customers are as follows:

  1. The Back to School Combo Meal Plan – Starting at the base rate of 29.99$, this combo meal offers 2 medium pizzas, 1 9″ choco-chip cookie, and 2 cans of Pepsi.
  2. The C2 Special Meal Plan – Starting at the base price of 24.99$, this combo meal plan gives out 2 medium pizzas, one 2L bottle of Pepsi, and one medium packet of crispy fries.

There are many deals on takeaway orders too. Checking out the menu of Double Pizza Montreal will amaze you that this pizza house offers as many as 16 signature pizzas and so much more. Explore their menu to place the order that fits your budget.