Things You Should Know About Grass-Fed Beef

As responsible consumers, we must know the source of our food and the way it reaches us. For example, the beef you are eating might be coming in through a lot of processes that you are unaware of. It is also necessary to know about what type of beef you are procuring and what do studies reveal about that. To help you know the otherwise unknown questions, we have listed down a series of facts around grass-fed beef, which is one of the most preferred forms of meat.

All cows eat grass

There might be certain misconceptions in the minds of people stating that certain cows only eat grain their entire lives. But this is not true. All cattle are mandatorily fed grass in their first seven months. They primarily graze on grass and depend on their mother’s milk. They also spend quite a good amount of time in pasture. They are fed grains only when they are transferred to the feedlot. They are mostly fed 65-70% corn mixed with some hay and other forage.

They are not the same as grass-finished beef

Every cattle need to be fed with grass. If you are aiming to buy grass-fed cattle, ensure that they have eaten only grass for their entire lives. Only then you will be getting 100% grass-fed beef. This is a concept that slightly differs from the grass-finished beef concept.

This is different from organic beef

The 100% grass-fed cattle must have access to pasture for their entire lives and this is how they differ from the conventionally raised cattle. These cattle are only pasture and forage-fed with no inclusion of grain in it. But beef is labelled organic only when the cattle are raised on lands where there is no use of pesticides or antibiotics. They can be grain-fed too.

100% grass-fed beef is hard to produce

Farmers normally need a few acres of land to cater to the requirements of every pair of a cow or a calf. This acreage requirement goes high in certain places and not every farmer can afford it. The cattle that entirely live on pasture can be sent to the market only after 20-24 months as they are much lighter in weight. Normal farmers cannot sustain themselves by putting in this much amount of land and time.

But when you are sourcing meat from Papa Earth grass-fed beef section, you can be assured that you are being delivered 100% genuine meat.