5 Most Useful Ingredients You Can Use in Homemade Ice Cream

There is nothing tastier than sweet ice cream. The best thing about ice cream is that you can eat it in any season. Some people think ice cream is only for hot days. But the truth is that ice cream tastes the best during winter. No lie that you can never find an ice cream hater. There is a wide range of flavors when it comes to ice cream. When you enter an ice cream parlor, you see many flavors in the ice cream display freezer. You can choose from the many best flavors according to your likings. 

But what if you want homemade ice cream? We all know that homemade food items are healthier. Making ice cream at home might seem like a hectic task. One of the most vital challenges of making ice cream at home is the list of ingredients. The process of ice cream churn and ingredients choice is crucial to make ice cream. Below we have mentioned five items you need to make ice cream at home.

  • Condensed Milk

The integral ingredient to make ice cream is dairy. But what type of dairy is best for your ice cream? Your priority should always be condensed milk. Make sure you opt for cow condensed milk. When you evaporate the water content from cow’s milk, you get condensed milk. Know that condensed milk is sweet and thick. It can act as a sweetener and an agent to soften the texture of your ice cream. You can opt for low-fat condensed milk if you are not a fan of sweet ice cream.

  • Whole Milk

You will need a combination of a few dairy ingredients to get the perfect texture for your ice cream. Know that your ice cream will not taste and look the best if you do not use a combination of several dairy ingredients. The best option for you is none other than whole milk. Whole milk has the best balance of fat and water content. The significant purpose is to get enough fat to make your ice cream smooth and sweet. The more the fat is, the softer your ice cream will be.

  • Heavy Cream

Know that two dairy ingredients are not enough to make the perfect bowl of ice cream. You will need one more dairy item having high fat to get smooth ice cream. The third ingredient is none other than heavy cream. The combination of heavy cream, whole milk, and condensed milk will give you enough fat to get the perfect texture of ice cream. Know that you do not need too much heavy cream for your ice cream. One pint of heavy cream is enough to make twelve servings.

  • Vanilla Extract

Ice cream with no flavor is bland. It is a must to have some flavoring in your ice cream. Get some vanilla extract for your ice cream. Make sure you use pure vanilla extract if you want a deep flavor. One or two tablespoons of vanilla extract are enough to get the best taste for your ice cream.

  • Salt

There are two reasons why you need salt in your ice cream. You will need salt to give your ice cream some salty flavor. Salt is also crucial to balance the freezing point of ice cream.