Italian Donuts To Try In Melbourne 

Donuts or doughnuts—regardless of how it spells, are still one of the most desirable tidbits. 

Donuts are a type of fried dough, often flavored with chocolate, cinnamon, or maple glaze. It is sold as a snack at bakeries, street stands, or specialty stores. Although some people prefer to make their own, they are constantly obtainable in supermarkets, coffee shops, and bakeries.

These snacks are versatile. It can be salty or sweet—it depends on how an individual wants to eat it. They can have a wide variety of flours and other ingredients a. They can be glazed or plain. Various flavors are available, such as cinnamon, maple, chocolate, or raisins. They’re also commonly sold in confectionery shops. These sweet treats are perfect for breakfast and dessert, and they’re the ideal snack for a night out on the town.

The first donuts made by the Salvation Army are beneficial since they became the provision to soldiers who bravely faced World War I. Since then, the donut’s popularity soon spread. They were a staple during the war and were widely sold throughout the United States. 

Its reputation didn’t waver up until today. The famous bakery Melbourne is serving luscious Italian donuts Melbourne.

Read the infographic below and learn about the different Italian donuts you can try in Melbourne designed by Cirelli & Co:

Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne [Infographic]