Pizza Ovens from BBQs 2u Creates Perfect Stone-Cooked Pizza Every Single Time

Pizza is a crowd favourite and is enjoyed by people of all age groups especially when it is freshly stone-baked. BBQs 2u new Pizza Oven gives this exact experience right in the home kitchens. Whether it is wood-fired pizzas that the kids demand or charcoal grill smoked pepperoni pizza for adults, their pizza ovens are a perfect addition for those who love to host weekend pizza parties for extended families and friends.

BBQs 2u takes pride in selling these high-quality products that make grilling so much fun. Only the sky’s the limit for what can be cooked in the outdoor settings and backyards with these versatile Kamado Joe BBQ grills and Ooni Pizza Ovens.

With their Pizza ovens, BBQs 2u also provide a cooking guide that can get anyone started with the basic cooking techniques required for making pizza on smoke from wood or charcoal. The control of heat, which they believe is the most essential part of this form of cooking, can be easily learned from the guidebook that comes with these amazing ovens.

Their Ooni Koda 16 is a gas-powered Oven and cooks stone-baked pizzas to perfection in no time at all. 60 seconds is all that it needs as it reaches very high temperatures close to 500 degrees Celsius in less than 20 minutes. The flame provided in this oven is an L-shaped one to allow for one-turn cooking.

The cooking surface of the stone baking board is quite large and can be used to cook a 16” pizza at a time. Loaves of bread can be baked, flame-cooked steaks can be made, and meat joints can also be cooked on this cooking surface. The wide opening of this oven enhances its manoeuvrability.

Experts at BBQs 2u suggest “Start the gas ignition on the Ooni Koda oven and let it reach the desired temperature for 20 minutes before loading it with the pizza. By doing this, we ensure that the oven has reached the sufficient heat that is required for fast cooking of stone-baked pizzas.”

Gas regulator, gas terminal, hose, and stone baking board come in the box with the pizza oven along with a guidebook. The only extra accessories that the customers can purchase are the pizza peel and pizza oven brush, which come in handy for cleaning the surface of the oven.

Another amazing product in the same category is the Ooni Pro Outdoor Oven. It is a multi-fuel operated oven and can be used on either a gas terminal or use wood or charcoal as fuels to create delicious flavours in the pizzas. Heat adjustments and dual airflow controls make this an exceptionally versatile cookware that can be used for baking as well as traditional grilling.

The door of this oven comes with a built-in thermometer and a tray each for burning charcoal or wood. The gas burner that comes with the box adapts well with propane tanks that are essentially used in barbeque cooking. One should not attempt to use this oven with natural gas or pellets.

For more instructions on different ways to use these pizza ovens by BBQs 2u, their YouTube channel BBQs 2u can be followed. Multiple recipes with cooking instructions and safe usage of the appliance can be learned from this channel with much ease.